New product available: LORNET-36


(MW detector of p-n elements)




 MW non-linear junction detector “LORNET-36” (further NLJD) is used for search and location of electronic devices both in active and switch-off state.
The detector operation is based on the property of semiconductor components to generate a response at the 2nd  and 3rd harmonics when radiated by a microwave probing signal.
Semiconductor components of artificial origin will have a higher level second harmonic while semiconductor components of natural origin (e.g. oxide films) will have a higher level third harmonic respectively.
An NLJD analyzes the 2nd  and 3rd harmonics response of the radiated objects, which enables a quick and reli-able identification of electronic devices and natural oxide semiconductors.
The NLJD “LORNET-36” automatically finds the best receiving frequency channel free of noise and distor-tion providing flawless operation even in the complicated electromagnetic environment. Digital processing of a demodulated signal used gives maximum sensitivity.
A high gain parabolic antenna (20 dB gain at 3600 MHz) used in the device increases detection range of non-linear elements and provides their exact localization in space. For operator’s convenience the detector is equipped with a laser pinpointing to indicate the place to which the maximum power of the probing signal is directed. The device is also effective at long distance from the subjects that is very good at analysis of suspi-cious subjects within safe distance.


•    Thanks to high frequency of probing signal and effectively implemented narrow diagram of antenna direc-tivity “LORNET-36” is considerably better than all other nonlinear detectors in range of detection, selection and accuracy of spatial localization of semi-conductor elements.
•    Usage of SHF range allows to receive unique possibilities of detection of semi-conductor elements hidden by various materials (can be detected through cracks, unearthed screens, through reflection from smooth sur-faces).  SIM-card will be detected in distance from about 1 meter without problems.
•    Integrated laser pointer and narrow beam of antenna directivity allows carrying out spatial selection of vari-ous semi-conductor elements with split-hair accuracy. That is extremely important characteristic at the analysis of suspicious subjects within safe distance.  
•    Usage of the newest technologies and materials, ergonomics.
•    Convenient bodies of indication and management, small weight and simple in work. 
•    Lowest electromagnetic influence of the operator because of the reduced radiation power in his direction and the duty cycle of the pulse probe signal. 
•    Wireless earphones for silence operation.

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