New product available: LORNET-24


(MW detector of p-n-elements)





 MW handheld non-linear junction detector “LORNET-24” (further NLJD) is used for search and location of electronic devices both in active and switch-off state.

The detector operation is based on the property of semiconductor components to generate a response at the 2nd  and 3rd harmonics when radiated by a microwave probing signal.

Semiconductor components of artificial origin will have a higher level second harmonic while semiconductor components of natural origin (e.g. oxide films) will have a higher level third harmonic respectively.

An NLJD analyzes the 2nd  and 3rd harmonics response of the radiated objects, which enables a quick and reliable identification of electronic devices and natural oxide semiconductors.

The NLJD “LORNET-24” automatically finds the best receiving frequency channel free of noise and distortion providing flawless operation even in the complicated electromagnetic environment. Digital processing of a demodulated signal used gives maximum sensitivity. The frequency tuning algorithm implemented in “LORNET-24” automatically selects the RF probing signal frequency such that the noise level in 2nd  harmonic receiving channel is held minimal.

There are two types of radiated signals:

- continuous wave carrier (CW)   and

- pulse modulated carrier with duty cycle 40 (pulse).

This enables to combine wide detection range and reliable identification of the devices found.

Output power automatic control mode significantly simplifies operators work. “LORNET-24” simultaneously displays the 2nd  and 3rd harmonics levels at its LED panel. Besides, the 2nd  and 3rd harmonics levels can be estimated in turn aurally by click repetition rate reproduced through a built-in loudspeaker or wireless earphones.


·     *  Thanks to his frequency, weight and dimensions (it can be placed in a pocket) characteristics of the      LORNET-24 he has not analogies in the world

·     *  Usage of SHF range allows to receive unique possibilities of detection of semi-conductor elements hidden by various materials

·     *  All operation modes of LORNET devices are available (manual and automatic modes of power change of the probing signal in pulse mode, manual power change in CW mode)

·     *  Usage of the newest technologies and materials, ergonomics.

·     *  Convenient bodies of indication and management, small weight and simple in work. 

·     *  Lowest electromagnetic influence of the operator, it is lower then that of a cell phone  

·     *  Wireless earphones for silence operation.

·     *  It is possible to operate under conditions of limited space, because of antenna thickness does not exceed 18mm)

Videos available on Youtube.

Technical dates: LORNET 24 short

Manual: LORNET 24 Manual